Birds Brain, Ear Heart, Janus Head, Kwakiutl Face

acrylic, digital media
Birds Brain; acrylic on canvas; 2007

Birds Brain; acrylic on canvas; 2007

Ear Heart; acrylic on canvas; 2007

Janus Head; Acrylic on canvas; 2007

Kwakiutl Face; acrylic on canvas; 2007

These head paintings are from 2007. Bird Brains is an image from a dream. Ear Heart came shortly after, while listening to some Brazilian music. Janus Head developed while scrawling lines on the canvas. And Kwakiutl Face was painted after walking along Hastings near Main when I passed a woman who for a very brief moment I thought was wearing a Kwakiutl mask although she clearly wasn’t; it was just that her facial expression was so mask-like.

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