Selected Paintings 2018, 2019

fine art, inspiration, mixed media, painting

In 2018, I converted a garage into an art studio. It was finished just in time to take part in the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. I was surprised to have more than 100 visitors come by to see my art in my garage studio on Eureka Place at Halfmoon Bay.

Axe & Stack; acrylic on canvas; 40x30in, 2018

Breathe; acrylic on canvas; 40x30in; 2018

Provisional Eye; acrylic & paint marker on canvas; 2018

Screens / Web; paints & collage materials on panel; 25x18in; 2019

Red Fugue State; paints & collage materials on panel; 24x18in; 2019; (Private Collection)

No Wind; paints & collage materials on panel; 24x18in; 2019

Accidental Jetty; paints & collage materials on panel; 24x18in; 2019

Further Mistakes; paints & collage materials on panel; 24x18in; 2019

Large Format Paintings

inspiration, mixed media, painting

Here is a selection of larger paintings that show some of the directions taken over the last 25 years.

Totem Woods; acrylic on canvas; 40x58in; c.1982

Archeology of Paint; acrylic on canvas; 40x58in; c.1982

Horizon Dance; acrylic on canvas; 56x40in; c.1985; (Private Collection)

Ice Field Forming; acrylic on canvas; 78x54in; c.1986 (BCIT Library Collection)

Rwanda Red; acrylic on canvas; 81x36in; c.1994

Snake / Birth; acrylic on canvas; 72x36in; c.1997

Equine Madonna; acrylic on canvas; 36x48in; c.2012; (Private Collection)

Grey Room; acrylic on canvas; 60x30in; c.2015; (Private Collection)

Drawing into Photo Images

digital media, drawing, fine art, photographs

My recent drawing activities are primarily using a touch tablet and drawing into photographic images. The engaging thing about this act is that there are a few options of how to proceed and they include drawing into, with, against and through the image. Sometimes there are lines in the photo image that function as drawing. The image with the coil of white xmas tree lights is a good example of this. My drawing contribution to the image was more of a background support.



thethought; digital drawing


cavelight; digital drawing


virus; digital drawing

zone theories

zone theories; digital drawing/collage


attempted; digital drawing


up&downtown; digital collage


metaconstructiononglass; digital drawing


constructing; digital drawing


provisionalexterior; digital collage


cagedman; digital drawing


scramble; digital collage


flower; digital drawing


habituate; digital collage


thinkingthruthings; digital collage

Logos and Graphic Icons

graphic art, logos

There is something satisfying about going through the processes of creating logos and or icon graphics, although it can be a difficult challenge if one is working to get the approval of a client’s committee of varying opinions. Often, I have to verbally explain my process to get the client on board to understand why the shapes, colours and arrangements might bring some meaning to their corporate insignia.

For a business consulting firm in Vancouver – 2021

A UBC/ St. Paul’s Hospital collaboration – 2018

Logo and tagline for an SFU initiative, Community Health Solutions Research Institute

For an SFU initiative, Community Health Solutions Research Institute – 2013

Icon and wordtype for UBC’s Digital Tattoo Project – 2010

For an SFU based project – 2007

Logo for a Pilates studio fro the 90s.

For a pilates studio from the 90s.

Logo for an internet cafe that was a part of a language school in downtown Vancouver (late 90s).

For an Internet cafe that was part of a language school in Vancouver – late 90s.

Summer City

collage, fine art, inspiration, mixed media, painting

These mixed media pieces are on paper and were made around 1990. A suite of 18 developed as a visual response to my Vancouver environment. At the time I was living in Kitsilano about 5 blocks from the ocean. It was an almost daily routine for me to walk, run or cycle somewhere along the beach area. Assembled from sign shop scraps of vinyl, industrial paints and acrylic paint. I used place them in some inexpensive plexi box frames in a grouping of 6 (2 x 3). Now and then, I would rotate them for variety.








scramble, combines and tuning spaces

collage, fine art

Digital collage is very different than the actual physical glueing of pieces ‘analogue-ically’. One actually has to make a conscious intent to slap the pieces together in such a way that the shock of incongruous juxtaposition will still be there. Its very easy to be seduced by the power of the tools to design. Not that there is anything wrong with a designed collage; its just that the surprise element can be lost.

arsenal for night campaign

arsenal for night campaign; digital collage

icebreaker (study 1)

icebreaker (study 1); digital collage


scramble; digital collage

the man who lost his direction

the man who lost his direction; digital collage

dementia: sifting thought

dementia: sifting thought; digital collage


thaw; digital collage


spectacle; digital collage


eggs; digital collage

field for a crow

field for a crow; digital collage

DNA machinations

DNA machinations; digital collage

blender /13th chakra

blender /13th chakra; digital collage


decoys; digital collage

Glass Pieces

digital media, photographs


structure for waiting

An ongoing fascination with the multi-varied qualities of glass resulted in some photographs exploring these qualities. The reflective nature encompassing both inside and outside; surface texture such as scratches, wear, grime, cracks, condensation or rain drops; fogging and translucence create a wide palette of elements for play. Focus and depth of field contribute to a game of nuance and emphasis. Most of these photos have little post production but a few have a second exposure dubbed into the scene.

will we wait

lost continent





Confessions of a Covert Painter

fine art, mixed media


During some of the 80s and 90s, I worked in a shop producing retail signs for sales and general information. I became quite skillful and was one of the most productive employees. After a while, I got really bored with the repetitive work and decided to have a little creative fun on the side.

Using scraps and leftover materials, I started to discreetly make collage paintings on the side. There were lots of interesting, industrial materials to be used that were just waste from already made signs, such as adhesive-backed, vinyl lettering waste, different paints, stickers, papers and miscellaneous samples.

Now, this was not a sanctioned activity by the company so I had to be quite strategic on how I operated. I sometimes worked in this sign room all by myself but even when that was the case, someone could pop in at any moment to pick up finished signs, request new signs or just pick up other materials that they needed.

My strategy was to make every attack session on the art piece limited to under a minute. I didn’t really time myself but the risk of getting caught made me plan out my moves so that they could be done with a surgical-strike-force speed. This included getting out brushes, paint and putting them away in hiding places in the room. The art attacks were broad, brush strokes over adhesive vinyl scraps on paper. I sometimes had several paintings drying on the floor hidden under shelves. When they were dry, I might do a second or third attack. Some, I took home and worked into with acrylics or other materials.

Sometimes, other employees would come in to the room and wonder why they could smell different paints that weren’t part of the regular sign activity. I would just agree that I thought it was strange to smell that kind of paint and I would then get a deliciously dangerous feeling from my transgression.

inward bent

sign of the sentinel

zen field

zen field

time travel

hide behind

(for more in this series)

iPad Painting/Drawing as Provisional Painting

digital media, mixed media

Since the fall of 2010, the iPad & camera have been my primary art making tools. Without the time and space to paint in a focussed and serious way, I found that with the iPad and the rich apps that are available that I was able to engage in the kind of creative image making that I enjoyed with painting. Here are some of the pieces that I was satisfied with. They all started from photographs, but, in some cases, not much of the original photo was left.

conditions of hope

conditions of hope; digital image/drawing

Not thought) No (Think

Not thought) No (Think; digital image/drawing


scaliform denuding

scaliform denuding; digital image/drawing

wounded grove

wounded grove; digital image/drawing


obstacle; digital image/drawing

psyche renovation

psyche renovation; digital image/drawing


contortions; digital painting

cast out

cast out; digital image/drawing

this time it will be different

this time it will be different; digital painting

el ingenioso

el ingenioso; digital drawing/painting