scramble, combines and tuning spaces

collage, fine art

Digital collage is very different than the actual physical glueing of pieces ‘analogue-ically’. One actually has to make a conscious intent to slap the pieces together in such a way that the shock of incongruous juxtaposition will still be there. Its very easy to be seduced by the power of the tools to design. Not that there is anything wrong with a designed collage; its just that the surprise element can be lost.

arsenal for night campaign

arsenal for night campaign; digital collage

icebreaker (study 1)

icebreaker (study 1); digital collage


scramble; digital collage

the man who lost his direction

the man who lost his direction; digital collage

dementia: sifting thought

dementia: sifting thought; digital collage


thaw; digital collage


spectacle; digital collage


eggs; digital collage

field for a crow

field for a crow; digital collage

DNA machinations

DNA machinations; digital collage

blender /13th chakra

blender /13th chakra; digital collage


decoys; digital collage