iPad Painting/Drawing as Provisional Painting

digital media, mixed media

Since the fall of 2010, the iPad & camera have been my primary art making tools. Without the time and space to paint in a focussed and serious way, I found that with the iPad and the rich apps that are available that I was able to engage in the kind of creative image making that I enjoyed with painting. Here are some of the pieces that I was satisfied with. They all started from photographs, but, in some cases, not much of the original photo was left.

conditions of hope

conditions of hope; digital image/drawing

Not thought) No (Think

Not thought) No (Think; digital image/drawing

scaliform denuding

scaliform denuding; digital image/drawing

wounded grove

wounded grove; digital image/drawing


obstacle; digital image/drawing

psyche renovation

psyche renovation; digital image/drawing


contortions; digital painting

cast out

cast out; digital image/drawing

this time it will be different

this time it will be different; digital painting

el ingenioso

el ingenioso; digital drawing/painting