Map in Progress: Princess Avenue Children’s Interpretive Walk

graphic art

Front panel of Princess Ave. Map

This map (in progress) for children and their families is intended to be a multilayered, informative guide to places in the neighbourhoods that have significance in an historical, cultural and recreational context. It will even include children’s favourite places and children’s photographs. This is one of many projects that Anne Marie Slater, lead artist, has conceived as part of her community engagement committment.

My part is the graphic design. Due to some funding issues, especially for printing, and delays with photo permissions and other supporting information, the project is temporarily stalled.

In addition to the cultural and historical aspects of this project, there is also an intent to raise awareness of the diversity of these areas including the fact that many children live here, in an area that is often neglected and marginalized.

Princess Ave. Map: Outside

Princess Ave. Map: Inside